Tuesday, September 19, 2006

千百八十七:slave driver

bleahz. even though i had a fever, my mom woke me up at 6.30am to make me go to work. i was quite angry, cos i was still feverish and giddy. and i just dozed my way to work, and also at work until about 9am? we reached there about 7.30am, which was too early. the medication i'm on all caused drowsiness, so its not really my fault!!

maybe medicine also caused irritation and a short temper. i was very irritated the whole day, irritated by my parents quarrelling loudly in the morning in the office, irritated that there were constant phone calls, and irritated at myself for making careless mistakes. i was also irritated at the fact that i had to go to work despite having a fever. grr.

the today papers has almost the same news everyday nowadays. (haha) i keep reading bout the NTU lecturer case, which i feel is super duh, and even such people, such people with such morals and such desperation, such people who had to resort to getting a married woman (from china, no less) to live with him for money, i would say he is a big loser. and that the employers are very poor judgement of characters. and i am so sick of that news, can they find some real news?? of cos there is coverage of the IMF/World Bank meeting, but all they go on about it in the papers is the CSO vs the SG govt spate. now it has become CSO vs SG Govt and CSO vs Paul WXXX. cant spell his name. today's letter (in Today paper) from the public made the best case. the person mentioned something to the effect of IMF should have known sg is a strict country legally b4 deciding to hold the meeting here. just cos they cant allow demonstrations, means our reputation will go down?? ask any delegate, i am sure after a long day in the meeting, he wants to come out for some shopping, the last thing he wants to hear or see is people demonstrating and he can't leave his hotel room because of fear of being attacked. or him being worried sick about his wife on tour in sg while he is in the meetings, whether she would be safe or not. better for them to go into the indoor venue and look silly but at least their messages can be heard properly in a civilised manner through dialogues. oh yah. back to the main point. some new news please!!


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