Friday, September 08, 2006

千百七十七: 鱼片米粉

i've been eating 鱼片米粉 alot lately. for lunch.

Dad will always ask what we wanna eat before he buys lunch back to the office and i think of so many food like chicken rice, char kway teow etc but i always end up choosing 鱼片米粉. chicken rice is too filling and i become really drowsy after lunch. and you know chicken rice leaves a really oily aftertaste? the sesame oil i think, of the rice. so... not good to eat that when you have no soft drink to wash the oil down. :p yah .. basically the same with all oily food. i realise i dont like fried, grilled or oily stuff much. and also fast food. they smell great, especially when you're hungry, but after one or 2 mouthfuls, either my gums are cut by the fried food edges or i can feel the start of a sore throat. ack. so i been just choosing 鱼片米粉, with non-fried fish slices, and alot of the chilli slices poured into my soup. very delicious!

and the light (lack of oil?) meals are showing their effects. in the form of good skin! it's true! but then.. i havent been using cosmetics lately oso, cos only been going to the office, wear specs, wear lokkok oso can, nobody to see. although its kinda embarrassing when the occasional deliveryman comes in.

today was the first day i had no time to read my own book in the office. usually, i would be like looking at my own stuff from 3pm onwards, but today, i had work continually coming at me, and had not much time to even think about anything else except that today was finally friday. hooray for friday!


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