Wednesday, September 06, 2006

千百七十五:Lucky Number SLeven

Lucky Number SLeven:

this is a very interesting movie. VERY!

abit like ocean's eleven, the whole movie's plot will leave you with a awed feeling after u find out the full story. Bruce Willis once again proves to be a a great actor in a action movie, as very cool and coldblooded assasin. and Josh Hartnett's bod walking around in a towel for the first 20 min of the movie will make all the girls in the theatre very happy! hoho.. i was hoping and hoping for his towel to fall off. hehehe.. and .. i didn't realise Lucy Liu was so short. or else Josh Hartnett is very tall. hmm .

yah .. and the lesson was fulfilling today. felt that i got show some results and at least didn't make a fool of myself last time by being prepared for the speech making this time. :p not hundred percent mistake free of course, but at least good enough to show i am able to say something interesting in time of need. and i must say a big thank you to the teacher who really typed out the sample sentences and meaning to the vocab list. お疲れ様でした!!!


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