Thursday, August 31, 2006

千百七十: まだ雨?

today it was raining since morning.

nothing much to talk about these few days. every day was routine.. wake up at 6.30am, go office at 7.30am, work until 8pm then go home. dinner at 9-10pm.

there was 日本語 lesson last nite, and the vocab was getting difficult. there were more people in the class now and mostly working adults. and the grouse i have is they expect the teacher to spoonfeed them. they don't want to check or don't have time to check the dictionary and they actually asked the teacher to compile a list of sample sentences, with meaning, usage etc when there were more than 50 words on the vocab list? the teacher looked shocked, i think she also thinks that by level 1, we were probably able to be more independent in studying. and in the end, she made each of us do 10 sentences instead, adding more to our workload which could have been avoided if that lady had not tried to push the teacher to spoonfeed her. -.- grr. but without any self-studying, its almost impossible to pass the exam at the end of this year cos the class has barely taught enuff to remotely even pass level 2. so.. i guess its time to work hard.

reading this book entitled "studying for a degree in the humanities and social sciences" and its pretty insightful. i thought that i should have had the book when i was studying in JC, so passed it to my sis who is finding it quite useful. :)

highlight of the day: a 3 minute phone call with him in the afternoon. he's leaving London today and reaching Japan tomorrow. yay!


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