Monday, August 28, 2006

千百六十五:derogatory terms

hmm . thanks to summersnow721, we now know the use of the word "jap" is supposed to be derogatory. she shouldnt ever come to singapore i think, cos she will be shocked at how to us, its just a normal word (since we use short forms for everything we speak) with no derogatory intent. i apologise if it offended u but i will say i didn't know and i didn't mean any ill will and i will try to stop writing that ? but i checked it up on the web and although it was derogatory in the past, and still is in some places, it isnt in some others. This is wat wikipedia has to say :

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jap (variants: Japo, Japse) is a term denoting anything Japanese. In several English-speaking countries, it has become a racial slur. However, in some other countries, including Australia, it is an acceptable term today[citation needed], to such an extent that school teachers sometimes refer to the Japanese language as the "Jap".

In Japanese dictionaries, the term "Jap" is only defined as a disparaging term used against the Japanese people, like it is the case in many English language dictionaries.[1][2]"

we definitely belong to the australia group. in a normal conversation with ur frens, you would probably hear them ask "so you're learning jap now?" so .. well. no ill will intended since we didn't even noe of such things but at least now we noe. i seriously think this is a worldwide blind spot (using the word Jap) since there's so many sites saying japsomething.com etc.


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