Saturday, August 19, 2006

千百五十五 : Sadness

booboogal is very sad now.

she was very happy in the afternoon. when she found her dream home and he actually supported the decision because he also liked the house and the venue and of cos, as usual, she turned out to be right. but the turn of events in the evening, the 邪魔 (in jap, this means obstructions, pronounced as jya-ma) has made her very sad. the old fuddy duddies, the lack of courage (or should i say cowardice?) in him, to take a stand and properly get things on the right track has once again put all plans on hold.

she is not happy with them. and him.

she has tried her best to clear all the 邪魔 in her way. tried to get to stay on in japan after the training. (didnt work) tried to get her own way and freedom with the dumbo govt org that has bonded her for nothing. ( worked pretty well, cos of their own laziness and inefficiency and lack of foresight to see that no one would want to hire her). to surprise him in japan when she knew he would never do the same for her, he who has too much work commitments, who didn't take a single day of leave throughout the 3 weeks she was here to see him, who refused to get a new comp when his old one didn't support his sound card, mic function so that they couldn't make IP calls to each other and she had to call him via IDD. to stay on as long as she did, and extend her stay when he asked her to .. which made her a nuisance as an unwelcome overstayed guest in this house but he didn't explain to them that it was he who asked her to stay on longer and not that she had no courtesy to overstay her welcome.

he needs to get a guarantor for the new place. just a name. his dad/his mom or his bro. his dad had refused to it last year. this year, now, with a legit reason that she was to be staying on longer and more often and it was to be where they would live in in the future, he did not dare to ask. he tried to call his bro. who cut off his calls and did not call back. and he told her that this surprise stay had made his parent's impression of her worse. whose fault was it, to not have rented an apartment proper for her future visits? he said to work for her dad and get the freedom to come japan as often as possible, just stay at his place and help out with his mom in betw. now, he said it was a joke. a joke? he wasn't serious? she gave up seriously looking for a job for such a cruel joke?

now u can see why she can't stop crying.


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