Wednesday, August 09, 2006


i bought this book today.. Freakonomics

it was.. enlightening. the economist Steven Levitt explained social issues in very unconventional theories but .. they could be true. like. due to the Roe Vs Wade case which legalised abortion in USA, it led to the falling crime rates in the years to come. why? because, when abortion was legalised, hundreds of thousands of women went for it. the reasons they felt they were not ready led them to have the abortion process which led to unwanted children NOT being born. before this, when abortion was still illegal, those women who were not ready had no choice but to give birth to kids they didn't want to have. and these kids, were not given as much care as kids whose parents actually wanted them of cos. and led to them going wayward and hence the increased crime rates until when abortion was legalised, the crime rates started falling around 10 years after that. just because the would-be criminals were not given birth to. he had data to support it too. which is like a very mind-boggling thing. since they always attributed crime rates to lack of policing, etc.

very cool way of thinking i must say.

okie.. here's a pic of the library locker key. with the key for the umbrella stand oso. haha. very japanese ..

library locker key + umbrella stand key

interesting hor? the place was actually full this afternoon. people were queueing up to use the study desks. luckily i went there first thing in the morning. but this irritating guy sat next to me who smells weird. and he was like at the corner corner but he kept taking up my space lor. Ass!!

and i took a very nice photo of a spiderweb today..

:) tomorrow the library is closed.. dunno where i should go liao. haizzz


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