Wednesday, August 02, 2006



today was jap lesson day again. yippie! but feeling too tired today to really enjoy the lesson and today was the first time i couldn't wait for the lesson to end.

did i mention my left eye is swollen _? i actually look like this little boy now:

i kid you not.

i can see my bottom eyelid's lashes when i look down lor. -.- and can barely open my eye, and i look weird with one eye obviously smaller than the other. argh. but.. dun think there's anything wrong with the eye (like infection or wat) cos i can wear contacts still.. and i had refrained from make-up the past 2 days but it made no difference except made me look really gruesome. so i had to refrain from touching my eye for the past 2 days even though it itches.

ok.. it started when i rubbed my eyes in the morning on monday. it (the left eye) got itchier as i rubbed it so i rubbed it pretty hard until it began to hurt (and was still itching) and i stopped and it was kinda swollen but after that the swell didnt subside. instead, it became a blue black and i looked like someone had punched me in the eye. i dunno if its the allergy thing, cos both my eyes have been feeling very very itchy ever since i was back. (no such thing in japan happening) and my nose is still running everyday. (T.T) why why why??

thank god. only 2 more days till my sister is back.

and the fudge from Harrods that kana bought me is really delicious!!

Harrods Vanilla Fudge

you must get this if u go England or have frens going england. it tastes like the "Rabbit sweets" we used to eat when we were young, but totally smoother and great aftertaste. mUst try!! i left it in the office like for 1 day, my mom b4 that say she dun wan to eat, guess wat, this morning came back left only 3. grrrr!!!

ok dead tired. have had no chance to webcam or talk to ryo for the past 2 nites. sighz. have a good day everyone.

oh and something weird from the land of the rising sun:
enjoy! ☆


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