Sunday, July 23, 2006

千百三十五:lewd discussions

had a lewd discussion with my fren today online. he complained it was very hot. and i told him to take off his clothes and walk around the house stark naked (or in just underwear) because thats wat i would do. and he sounded surprised to hear that girls do such things and that i am the 2nd girl to tell him that. hah. is it that surprising?

*cooling off.. in just our underwear...*

after all, girls are humans too. we perspire like mad if the weather's hot, and if its our own room, with aircon, and the drapes shut and the doors locked, is it so weird that we do that?

*of cos guys would probably wish that we hang around in groups in just our underwear.. *

yah but seriously.. its a good way to cool off on a super hot day if ur aircon works fine of cos.

as for me, my body is seriously abnormal. i am having a cold or an allergy, i dunno which, and i used up like half a box of tissues today, trying to clear my nose. it would stop once in a while but after that i would be attacked by huge sneezing fits. and it starts again. and my mum said that my nose looks bigger, after i returned from Japan. i would say its cos i been blowing my nose almost 24 hours everyday since i touched down in singapore. why!!>!? everyday lor! when i go to the malls, the colds would taper off and all would be fine until i reach home again. and within 30 min, my nose would start to itch and run again. -.- its seriously tiring and towards the end of the day, i was beginning to feel faint. dehydration due to my runny nose. now, that's a first.


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