Wednesday, July 19, 2006

千百三十一:Just My Luck

finally had the chance to catch a show today.

it was the EDB briefing in the morning and wat a load of crap was spoken. i'm sure the others agree as well. i can't say anything, but this session just further reinforces the belief that they are imbeciles. the client company's interests are first and foremost, not whether we actually do make use of our skills we have learnt in Japan on the taxpayers' money. it really infuriates me the way they think and that we are wasting taxpayers' money this way and that we are held to a bond for no meaning at all. i had always felt angry when i hear of people who break bonds after using the taxpayers' money on scholarships for them on expensive foreign education but now i totally see why. it is due to the inflexibility, the inefficiency and the inability to understand us common folks that they are forced to break bonds due to incompatibility in wants. ok continue this in a while. in a video call now..

ok i am back. yes. the kns pui pui pui logic of them is disgustin and i shall just be a guai sheep and just follow them around but do my own things on the underside. boliao. siao. 1 interview per month timeline expect me to eat grass? they should use their brains. when they were looking for jobs, were they looking for jobs concurrently or one after the other when one has rejected them? stupid stupid stupid. how can my job search in the industry be smoother than their network of contacts? if their biggest client say no job for me, u think ur smaller client have ? use ur brains sia.

haiz. enuff of them. i am sick of their dumb logic. okie. "jUst my luck" i watched today with the trainees after the meeting. i think my only frens have become like only them and its only cause we had the meeting this morning else, everyone have their own life oso. I saw the trailer of The Lake House (sandra bullock/keanu reeves) and it so so so so touched me. just the trailer is enuff. yes. sandra's character said, "I sometimes feel as if I'm invisible, as if no one can see me at all. " thats how i feel, every where, more often than not. and even more so after i came back. these past 2 wks, have been steadily reinforcing the feeling of my invisibility, the notion that i might actually be non-existent to all except my family. which is shitty scary. i am just someone who used to be on their msn list,who they used to see at gatherings, but someone they just phased out of their life after she went to Japan. argh. very scary.

okie. the movie. not as funny as i expected.. but gd enuff. very teenage love story stuff, the band McFly was not bad.. but Lindsay Lohan looked very chao lao? (dressed to look old? looks old?) dunno how to explain.. she.. dun look as glowy and radiant as she did in her past movies like Mean girls, Freaky Friday etc. yah. and Chris Pine looked better when i first saw this movie in the trailers long ago. hmmm. weird. but the bad luck parts are quite gross. think its better if we dun expect the bad luck things to happen but we are already in the mindset so we are sorta expecting all things bad to happen and when they happen, they are not so .. interesting liao? hmm

but had jap lessons this evening, was quite interesting. weekly dose of live jap, i need more!! but half the class was missing today and the workload had piled up considerably. last week was 2 pages of exercises and sentence making? this week, at least triple the workload. argh. i must perservere!! if the world ignores me, i shall.. curl up with my laptop and watch Pride and Long Vacation! hUmph!


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