Monday, July 17, 2006

千百二十九: the bears in my life

i m going to intro u all to the VIB. they sleep with me, wipe my drool off, and are the recipients of my hugs and tears. (Sounds like a gross job)

VIB = Very Important Bears!


From Left: Gero-Bear, Angel-Bear, Gaspard

ok it sounds like i'm becoming a bit bonkers, but no la.. they realli do give me a lot of support in my life. Gaspard is actually a dog (i think) hehe so by right, he should be a VID. VID!!

yah, Gero-Bear has been with me since i went japan, from start. in Japan, on the cold winter nights, he has been a very good sleeping partner, providing me with warth and company. somemore, when i was very sian, he was also a good friend, sitting beside me to watch tv and when i play my games, he would struggle to watch with me. and he would gang up with me against ryo when ryo bullies me. hohoho.. like .. when i'm trying to wake ryo up, he would be a great help but sticking his nose into Ryo's nose to tickle him awake. hahahahaa! gd bear!

the angel bear , i got him in a TY shop in Yokohama. they were having bear sale! adopted him since i got one for zhiwen long ago one xmas and he (the bear) looked very sweet. only in sg did he start to share my bed cos i wanted to keep him clean and dustfree in japan. my bed area was dunno why very dusty. erm.. wat else. oh yeah, i think it was the presence of him that i didnt have any dirty things in my room last time. so he really is a guardian angel lor!!

the last little VID is Gaspard, bought him as a pair to remind me of RYo; i gave him the Lisa VID. gaspard is a lonely dog, and he dunno when he would meet Lisa again. awwww.. so he is my lovesick doggy fren and we support each other in times of our lovesickness. hehehe..

thats all for now. will intro my other bear / dog frens later!


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