Thursday, July 13, 2006

1122 : surprises all the way

i have received so much mail these 2 days that i am back.

guess wat. i received a huge bouquet the first day that i reached here. i was surprised hehe. a little freaked out. but it turned out to be from the tokyo people!! (^-^)




hoho. happy right? here i was at home, doing nothing, missing japan and my frens ther so much and suddenly a bouquet arrives from there.. ahhh. very touched.. i think its really sweet of them..

and today, i came home to a telegram on the table. a TELEGRAM! i nv received that in my life b4. wondering who would have sent that. and guess wat..

its the tokyo colleagues again!!


the telegram was in the form of a card and this is the motif on the card. ahhh ...


see see... the words there mean "you've been a great help" (T.T) i have?? hee..

and i've commenced on my jap lessons again. today, decided to call the jap sch i was in b4 i left for japan and enquire bout their JLPT 1 lessons, and today happened to be the first lesson so i went down with JL to start lessons. the teacher is quite interesting, tokyo born with kansai dialect. hah. some of the people in the class are downright irritating, they don't off their dictionaries, they just beep the whole way thru class, and the next lesson i'M going to ask him to keep quiet liao. idiot. and some other people, the type who must make noise and talk loudly and response loudly while the teacher is still talking one. -.- that kind la. attention seeking. maybe he realli got interest to learn, but should be more considerate mah. but on the whole, enjoyed the class, enjoyed listening to the comforting japanese language being used around me again. i wanna go back soon.


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