Thursday, June 29, 2006

1114: i dun want to say good bye!!!

3 beautiful girls gathered to say good bye last nite.

koshimura-san, okabe-san, me

koshimura-san, okabe-san and me.

we are all part of the R&D cost management team. koshimura-san is my colleague, okabe-san is my senior who passed on her knowledge b4 leaving to another dept, and me is the one leaving.

booooohoooooooo!!! (T.T)

and the leader of us 3 is :

hanaoka-san (my big boss) , kosono-san, me

Hanaoka-san, my very very very concerned and helpful sup/manager who is the nicest boss in the world. haha. in btw is kosono-san, a member of r&D admin.

nishihara-san, me, egami-san, yamashita-san (my big big boss)

the boss of ALL of us is Yamashita-san, the rightmost guy. he's the overall head of R&D in the company o.O .. yes powerful, sensible, very very cool and quiet and strict guy. but not evil. hehehehe.

and the last other members of the r&D side, admin, HR, leases etc,
yamamoto-san, me, takahashi-san, araki-san

haiz. this is sooooo sad.
we had korean food, yesterday i surfed the net to read blogs in the office, found many people i had lost contact with b4. hoho.

oh back to the party. my boss is very very chatty when he's drunk. and after the dinner we went for more drinks at a 居酒屋 across the street. full of young punks, some very cute. but it was fun. ^-^

haiz. i will miss these people so much.


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