Thursday, June 22, 2006

1110: zonked

u know we always use the word zonked?

i didn't know it means:
1 under the influence of illegal drugs
2 extremely tired or completely asleep.

ok i knew the 2nd meaning but didn't know about the drugs one. abit bo.. just for ur info only. hah.

okie these 2 days have been bad. bets all down the drain. cos all the teams, those at the top, kept getting a draw!! -.- damn off.. not much money left le, hs oso lose until his base is almost depleted liaoz. (and he was up to 100,000 yen at one point lor. ). haiz. think i better rest these 2 days. its been a not so good week.

i was thinking along the way home yesterday, that its been a while since i had really mind-blowing sex. and of cos my sex drive has gone down drastically too. because i been feeling unhappy? because i had became indifferent? its just not on my mind much nowadays, even when he is over for the weekend, i would rather just sleep when night comes around and i get sleepy quite early nowadays. i don't know if it applies to guys too, but i guess for a girl, mental health is a major factor of their sex drive. guys complain that after marriage, after the kids come, they get alot less. but did they think to help reduce the stress the mommies feel? if the women had less things to worry about, had the xian2 qing2 余裕 (yo-yu), the extra time to relax, they would probably to perform better and want their guys more too. i guess on a certain level, we blame all guys for causing our stress. for making us worry about them, whether they are happy with you, with us, with anything. the stress to take care of them and the kids well and yet, these idiots take us for granted and think we are just there when they have both bad and good days while when we need them, they are nowhere around. do they realise we need them as much as they need us and it takes 2 hands to clap, to make this work? whats the use of physical gifts when emotionally we are just still depressed and insecure?

oops. i see that the topic has digressed from sex -> emotions.

in case, you haven't noticed, i've added the Google calendar right at bottom of this page. (^-^) can check out my appts there if u are bored (or if u are interested)


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