Thursday, June 15, 2006

1106: ECuador surprise

this is so weird. ecuador has surprised all by winning this match as well. but costa rica has been playing like shit. like SHIT!

ok i am in a bad mood still. just had a big cry over the phone again. i hope he is feeling guilty enuff. my eyebags have doubled in size because of these 2 days. (T.T)

but . i think we've talked things through with him probably going to provide some help on the big plan we are trying to get to happen. i hope things manage to at least go somewhere. thanks thanks thanks to my very very very great sup who has been trying to help me make things happen. he has officially become my most respected boss ever in my heart. ^-^

but. one step at a time. one problem a day to be cleared. time is ticking away. i'm so not ready to leave yet.


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