Wednesday, June 07, 2006

1097: swamped until now

finally some breathing time.

actually work's just over but i'm waiting for my colleagues for dinner. having thai food, yay!

last nite, i met Ryo for dinner. yah while i was still mad. when i see him i just can't help but melt and even though i was really pissed off, i couldn't help but smile when i saw his goofy face smiling at me. -.- ARGH. and then after then i can't remember why i was angry le. (of cos, until i read my own blog again...)

we haven't been out together after work for so long that i can't remember when was the last time. so yesterday we had a cheap dinner, less than 1,000 yen each.. but damn filling and quite tasty. ate the korean tofu set meal at the place i brought liling/baoying to last time, and i gave him his presents i had brought back from sg. i love to see his face light up when he receives my gifts. this time i got him a ferragamo tie with little teddy bears. hehe. but it was alot cheaper to shop on the airplane actually, and after that we walked around looking for a shirt cos he was going to stay overnite at my place. then i was taking out the tie and putting it next to all the shirts to see if they matched and he was laughing away at my silliness. heheheh.. yah its a little silly, cos i was asking him with each shirt he picked up "does it match with the teddy bears?" wahahaha!

and he came to stay overnite, finally we could spend some quality time together after weeks, and i told him all about my singapore trip and showed him the photos of the wedding. he was amazed at our tea ceremony customs and that people got money for it. and after he saw the photos of xinhuan and kenneth giving tea and receiving angbaos, he told me to tell all our relatives to start saving up. and he asked me to invite all the distant relatives to our tea ceremony so that we can get some ez cash. ..... *pengz!* -.- this is the first time i've seen him so interested in any aspect of talking about a future wedding at all and it had to be liddat. grrrr.........

so this weekend, finally we can go out into the world again after months of being cooped up in the room on weekends. no studying no work no nothing. phew. no need to cook for him also. hah!


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