Saturday, June 03, 2006

1091: long distance relationships

i been speaking to ryo on the phone these couple of nights. via Singtel budgetcall 013 service. i only spoke to him about 10min per nite and guess wat, it costs about $25 all together. for 40 min of bliss. argh. i had tried to use skypeout to call, and the quality was so sucky (due to my laptop using wireless in the house i suppose) that we had to disconnect after 1 min cos no one could hear anyone. i could actually hear him saying "moshi moshi?" very clearly but i think he couldnt hear me at all. haiz. else it probably would have cost just a fraction of the IDD service.

i dun wan July to come. i dun wan a long dist relationship to start. i know it will be torturous, these week i have been missing him pretty much too, i dunno if i will die if i don't see him for a couple of months. i should be stronger, 2 years will pass by pretty quickly (just like these past 2 years have past by) but i am really scared that i will lose to loneliness. we must learn from Aki in Pride, we cannot lose to ourselves, we must be strong, we must be women from the past. "furuki jitai no onna" 古き時代の女. she did well but no contact from the guy at all. this shows that LDR will not work unless both parties put in effort!! hmm. it might be ez to plan to webcam etc, but when both parties are working and in diff time zones, how do u make the effort to on the PC and just stay awake to catch a glimpse of ur partner's beautiful face? i dunno. it is difficult enuff in this one week.

got flight 2moro, so i'll say this here first.. thank u for all the wonderful memories this past year.

our first trip away together, to Aichi World eXpo

at 甲子園
our first baseball game together

our first overseas trip together .. (me is back to my home kekeke)

hmm.. hope many many more firsts to come.. ~just wanted to say i love u ~

i had a pretty relaxed trip this week. tomorrow is the last day le. have to pack up liaoz. this week, i discovered that my social circle had became soooo small. both good and bad. i got to meet the people i really wanted to and to spend alot more time with my family as well. thank you everyone who met up with me. it meant alot to me and i am glad i had the chance to spend my few days here with you.


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