Sunday, May 28, 2006

1086: X-men is still X-men

watched X-men after a long long break from going to the theatres. it was sooo exciting!!! although Scott _______ stupidly (i still dun really understand) and i still can't believe Professor X is ______, the action and seeing all the mutants do all their stunts is still great. the new additions and the fighting showed off all their powers,but it was pity all the mind controllers had to _______. hehe i can't wait for the next X-men. the title is a farce.. it's not the last at all!!

the wedding. the wedding. the wedding. i dunno how to describe. it was a tiring affair. i am really happy that she got married, i teared many times, but i am feeling a little sad that my best fren is not one of us anymore. haha.. sounds like she was mutant became human. hmm one of us, one of us single girls in their childish lives anymore, some one who's moved on to the next phase of life liao.. boo hoo! all my photos are stuck in the camera still. but in the morning, we ran about like mad chicks.. in the evening we also did. the guests were late (the majority) and we had to coordinate the timing with the restaurant people. it was confusing and a major headache but at least i learnt wat to do at my wedding liao.. haha..

my grandma made rice dumplings today. i missed it last year. but this year, i managed to eat her delicious dumplings. yay! the size shrinked abit, and the sauce seems to be a little less.. but the taste of the love and hard work in the dumpling is all there lor. happy to see her, happy to be back in there just watching tv and doing nothing and be fussed over. haha.


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