Monday, May 22, 2006

1081: groggy sunday. oops! monday liao

had flu last night so i conked out at 9pm. and woke up intermittently at night. i didn't know how long i had been asleep for and i suddenly just woke up with a start. the sudden waking up because u feel that "there is someone in the room!" kind of feeling. i don't know why i felt that way. twice in the night i woke up that way. i would wake up and stare into the darkness, with fear in my heart that there was someone in the room. and my mind in circles. it took me a while b4 i could sleep again. i think the first time was about 10+pm.. the 2nd time was 12 plus. partly cos i was expecting Ryo to turn up, but he called at 12+ past midnite to say he was still stuck at work. so i went to sleep and had some nightmares, couldn't remember what and woke up in cold sweat at about 6am today. too early. so i went back to sleep and woke up when the alarm rang at 6.50am. i remember checking the alarm, but i didn't realise i had fallen asleep, cos i had one of those dreams that you are already awake and getting ready for work. so i got ready for work in my dreams until my 2nd alarm rang at 7.04am. woke up with a start and was quite disoriented when i realised only 15min had passed? was feeling very giddy and headachy but couldn't stay home today cos had a mtg with the sg edb people. so i mo2 mo2 hu2 hu2 went to work and just struggled to stay on my feet.

i watched xin1 dong4 last night.. tempting heart if you remember it. the show by gigi leong and Takeshi Kaneshiro in year 2000? or 1999.. but i didn't feel so much when i watched it this time. i remember when i went to watch it with benchiek and hailiang and after that we had curry fish head for lunch at bukit batok and then went for lion dance practice. just like yesterday those memories. but last time when i watched it, i could feel the full emotions of the high school sweet romance thingey. but now.. i just watched it like a movie. without much thoughts. hmmmm... i guess that's one of the signs of maturity? or just the loss of that innocent naivety and the faith is puppy love liaoz.


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