Thursday, May 18, 2006

1077: i'm alive!!

i'm still alive! yay!

actually the wound hurt like mad when i washed my hair last nite. and i can't wear a cap too. and i woke up with a headache on the whole left side of the head. it subsided so i guess i'm alright.

did i show this before ? ( i cant remember liao...) there's a station named tmd in japan. tamade!

a tamade station

jaclyn and me had a good laugh over this when we saw it. one of the subway station's names.

& in the land of cute things, of cos a huge soft toy would be used to attract customers:


pooh-san and the giant cone. yah.. winnie the pooh is known as pooh-san here. isn't it polite? heh..

anyway.. last night went to look at games. and to try my luck at getting a DS lite. i guess it probably wont be 2 times lucky such that i can heng heng get another one again so easily le. but can always try my luck i guess. thought of buying new super mario bros but it wont be out next week. think i'll go sg and get instead.

i still dunno wat to pack for the sg trip. our future is still uncertain.

today is a pretty boring post.. tomorrow will have a surprise for u all. heh. ^-^


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