Tuesday, May 09, 2006

1068 : Katamari Damashi

i love this game!! Katamari Damashi that is... in jap its 塊魂 and Katamari means lump or block.

the story originated from the Japan-only PS2 version:

Katamari Damashi 1

In the original title, the King of the Cosmos has a rowdy night out that led to the disappearance of the stars. Realizing his blunder, he sends his one son The Prince down to earth. The Prince is armed with a Katamari to roll everything in his path to create new stars.

The king in the centre praising the prince at the right corner for having completed one of his assigned tasks. apparently it was something underwater with him wearing a snorkel mask. hehe..

The story is neither logical nor rational but that's the fun of this whole game. just pure fun! with a great sales result in Japan, the much anticipated sequel, aptly named "We Love Katamari" (both in English and in Japanese) was borned.

We Love Katamari (Japanese)

"Yay!" all the fans are saying on the cover of the game.. :p with such popularity, how can there be just PS2 versions of the game?? of course there are more:

Boku No Watashi no Katamari Damashi

the PSP version entitled "Me & my katamari".. for the PS2 version, both the analog sticks were used to control the character in pushing the Katamari along, and it works just as if you are pushing the object urself. u push the sticks to push the Katamari, you press on the analog sticks to make your character jump, to stop moving you just stop pushing, to move left u just push the sticks to the left and so on so forth. wit the PSP, there's only one analog stick so everyone was wondering how the game would be still as fun. apparently.. it turned out great. it took some getting used to, one hand using the analog and one hand using the triangle, square, circle buttons to move the Katamari along. i got dizzy at first but after i got used to it.. i couldn't stop till i completed all the challenges of gathering strange things with the Katamari.

The katamari pretty much follows the law of gravitational physics. the more objects u have on the Katamari, the more and the larger the objects u are able to attract. so at first it starts with small stuff like stationery like erasers, pencils but it gets bigger to apples, then to watermelons, to small animals, then humans, then large animals like lions, elephants, then finally even buildings, pieces of land, even small stars. wahahahah! its pretty sadistic cos there are sound effects of the people screaming (in a cute way) in distress when u roll them up and they even run when they see u coming. (who wouldn't run if they saw a huge ball rolling towards them like an avalanche?) but of cos they dun get flattened when u roll them up, they just stick on the Katamari with their arms and legs waving around struggling until something else rolls over them. heheh.. like this :

picture courtesy of www.ugo.com

as u can see there are 2 humans at the right side of the Katamari waving their arms.. with more school children as targets in the room.. and almost all of the objects in the game are modeled after real world objects so the realism is there for sadists like me hehe.

and since there is such a huge fan base.. of cos there are fan toys!


Katamari Puppet

the katamari puppet!

dancing katamari

but i dunno how to work it so this is the best i can do....

anyway.. tuesday le yay! cant wait for the weekend when i be going to tokyo once again.. and finally my pay will be here next week. (still so far... ) but at least i can shop with a peace of mind w/o worrying if i can pay my rent next month. i went shopping last night for shoes for both the wedding and casual and my skinny feet are causing me so much trouble in finding the right shoes. grr.. in the end.. i bought a cd instead.. haha guess wat is it..

We Love Katamari CD Cover

Katamari soundtrack! haha.. the music of the game is great too.. soothing, sometimes quirky music.. this is the 2nd one i bought, the first one i bought was not really soundtrack but orchestra music.. didn't suit my taste so i was abit irritated. cos i prefered the songs, not just tunes.. or sound effects. hmm but as a fan.. (like fan of Jay Chou) i must buy the first cd oso!!

oh back to the shopping trip.. i only bought a CD and a fashion magazine. while peiling bought shoes, and top and accessories. so today going to kobe area to hunt for shoes again. drats. why is it so difficult to find nice shoes on me!?


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