Sunday, May 07, 2006

1066: elections fanfare

see wat i mean by no one tell us wat to do regarding voting? my friend oso encountered such a problem even though he's in sg. those who have no tv no money to buy newspapers how can they vote with no instructions?

according to my fren: (not that he got no tv or newspaper but he had not bothered to inform himself)

"anyway, today i wasted my vote. when it was my turn to vote, i found myself not knowing wat to do. i had not bother to see the segments on TV telling us how to vote etc. and when i acutally receive the voting slip, i was like "hmmm. do i cross or tick? if i cross, does it mean i want or dun want."

i flip the voting slip left right up down backwards etc but i couldnt find any instructions. so in the end, i just tick my selection (MY VOTE IS SECRET), and later i found out it will be a discarded vote. well, my discarded vote is still secret..

anyway, i was damm surprised the WP GRC in AMK got 49k votes(PAP got 96k votes). i think 2k in AMK was no-count votes(1 contributed by urs truely). the AMK WP pple are damm young leh. 1 52 yrs old, rest is 31 yrs and below.. one 24 somemore i think, and of low education level. not tat i have anything against lower educated pple, but i cant help thinking "wah lau, like tat i go run also can get some votes..." " -- hY

the thing is there are young people who are interested in politics and there are young people who are not. but most of us want to be part of any important decisions our country makes. like for example, running for president. there are maybe kids who aspire to be president but young people are not allowed to run right? and out of the old / experienced people who are allowed to run, those respectable figureheads in our community, no one runs for the post as well! its like, the adults are so bochup, how can they influence us to be more passionate bout the political scene??


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