Saturday, April 29, 2006

1058: 明太子パスタ

i can't post my chat log up, think my sis would kill me.. heh.. ごめんね!

yay finally the weekend le.. this week is supposed to be golden week if i had taken monday and tuesday off, there would be a one week holiday but i didn't .. so the long holiday starts wednesday til sunday instead.Today is actually a public holiday too but what the hell is the use of a public holiday on a saturday in a 5-day work week society? みどりの日 today is greenery day..the temperature is still less than 20 degrees celsius.. is spring supposed to be this chilly?

i bought 2 new cook books yesterday, cos i was running out of ideas on wat to cook le; instincts and a good sense of mixing wat i have in the fridge only can take me so far.

Bento Cookbook

the top one is a bento cook book (i also running out of ideas of lunch menu le..) and the book is damn cute! apparently, cos the book is for moms making lunchboxes for their kids, they also teach u how to create cute food like cat faces rice balls, etc.with also all the calories stated for each food so that u noe how much ur kid is eating to keep them healthy. heh..and the 2nd one is 家庭料理 food u cook at home. so i cooked the beef steak & potato salad from the book for dinner last nite..

beef steak recipe beef steak recipe
Potato Salad potato salad

of cos i improvised the recipes a little, to avoid eating stuff like onions. and i to finish the leftovers in the fridge so.. i ended up with


macaroni potato salad

tasted great.. but waste time.. the salad especially. with only 1 stove, it was impossible to prepare 2 dishes at a time. and i had to boil the stuff one by one. like egg cannot boil with potato right? .. but it was a gooooood dinner. (^-^)v next on my list to learn is お握り onigiris .. rice balls!

now i'm oso into a new game by Capcom.. actually by Clover studios, a subsidiary of Capcom:
okami 大神

The game is Okami, and in jap, okami means wolf as well as God.. so its a pun on the name as the main character is a wolf who's a god/guardian of this village of sakura trees, and it has a magic brush that's supposed to aid him (like the story of the magic brush from which drawings come to life as real objects) in his quest to rid the village of an old evil that had been unleashed. its a 2d game, art is like those water colour jap painting style, very different from all the 3d games. which is actually a welcome change actually. i like it alot but the brush is difficult to control with the PS2 controller. hoho..

okie.. nua-ing at home this wkend again.. food festival for ryo & me of cos.. dinner menu for tonite is 麻婆豆腐 & Pumpkin fry. tomorrow is tonic chicken soup with radish and mushroom. haha... do u wish that u were here too? (#^-^#)


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