Saturday, April 22, 2006

1052: Inari Sushi

I made my first sushi all by myself today!! from scratch hor... :

Inari Sushi

yup.. i made the rice all by myself following the jap recipe book (which was in jap by the way .. hehe) and it was actually not that difficult to do just that i wasn't sure if i got the taste right and the timing of cooking was abit wrong. hmm yupz but it turned out great and each of us (me/ryo) had 5 each and we didn't have to eat anything else the whole day. ... very filling.. and the wrapping in the beancurd skin was time-consuming. but actually not much taste after like 3 cos its just sweet rice and nothing but rice. the ones on the left actually has mushrooms in them which luckily i added cos i enjoyed those alot more than the plain ones. hoho..and ryo was pretty amazed that i managed to get the taste right without much help :) have more faith in my cooking please!!

and i posted up photos of the company bday party from thursday. there was a bugger at my table who kept taking photos of girls and us .. -.- his photo skills are not good though, he is just triggerhappy, keep snapping at anything female. grr. but at least he had a pic of me that wasnt that bad.

hong sing & me
me & hongsing in the photo, obviously one of those times when we weren't aware..

hong sing and me
another one of those times.. luckily i wasn't eating .. hmm..

Trying to hide
when me & peiling were trying to prevent him from taking pics of us so we tried to cover our faces and look sideways..

the cake & wine & me
& another time! grr.. i dunno wat he was trying to take a picture of in this photo.. me, the cake or the wine.

me with 社長 at the Bday Party
and the pic of me & the Capcom boss.. :p

going to cook Mapo tofu for lunch tomorrow. maybe winter melon soup for ryo since he's having a sore throat.. and chige pot for dinner. woohoo..

and i just checked my weight today.. i went down to 42kG seriously. yikes.


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