Sunday, April 16, 2006

1046 : so fast ...

the weekend is almost over again :( so fast.. (T.T)

did alot to my hair and face this weekend.

becos i had promised wira long ago (with much regrets) that we would go do our hair together, i had to bring her to the salon yesterday. zzz.. spent 5 hours in the salon. its a long story.

coloured back to a orangey red colour cos i been looooking very washed out and ryo agreed that i should go back to brown to look younger again. mm. anyway.. because i had dyed my hair black the previous few times, it was difficult for them to lighten my hair. after the first dye, only the top of my head was orangey/copper brown. the rest of the hair was still very dark.. the stylist seemed quite perplexed but he said we'll do a second round of colouring. if the situation doesnt improve, he would have to bleach my hair to get the colour i want!

i dun want!!!!

so luckily the 2nd round showed some results. so now the bottom is a rich copper rusty reddish colour while the top is more blondish copper. argh. it looked like i had highlights done but i didnt!! oh well.. at least i look quite different now. then shun bian trim my eyebrow at only 500 yen there. heh..

then ryo oso had appt to cut his hair at the same place this morning, i followed him there to perm my eyelashes. yah.. sounds abit hiao, but its not.. cos i'm lazy to use the manual eyelash curler and that thing hurts.. but if the eyelashed are not curled b4 i use mascara, the mascara gets into my eyes and they make me tear and irritate my eyes to hell. if u're thinking "just dun use mascara lor!!" .. i'll tell u to go eat shit. this is JAPAN!! where all the girls forever look very good.. yah .. i am vain and i am very self consious, i dun like to look ugly outside lor. hee.

so this morning it took us only an hour, and then came his place where i tried to study some jap but fell asleep instead. zzz. didn't sleep well last nite.. the bed is really too small. and woke up to help his mom prepare dinner. the main purpose was to learn from her japanese cooking but i am appalled at the way she dumped sugar into the wok. she practically used half a cookie jar's worth of sugar in just one dish. half in cooking the ingredients and half in the sauce. it is ok delicious but i dun really wanna add so much sugar into any food i cook. ..

oh i cooked bak kut teh for dinner yesterday. The prima packet mix is really a godsend for singaporeans overseas. if i'm living in japan in future. i'll make sure i bring like a carton back every time i go back to sg. :)

i dun want monday to come!!!


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