Monday, April 03, 2006

1030: : m(-.-)m

3-April-2006 Monday>>


just penned a long email to the sixoneders.

having a stomach ache.. hopefully not the result of the brunch yesterday.

having a headache.. dunno wat this is due to.

there's work today but its tedious arranging / editing work again. bleahz.
Edited: 4th April 2006 Tuesday 9am

erm.. i was about to post the above part yesterday when i was suddenly engulfed by work. so i take back all the stuff about being bored.

i chat alot to xQ and yaohui online nowadays. mainly because they are the people who are always online? haha.. like me. and i think they both understand the loneliness of being overseas and the missing chilli & spicy food part alot (ok la thats only yaohui wahah) but xq is the person that likes jap culture (mainly pretty actresses -.-) and i guess he can relate to much of the stuff here that i see or do.

I have been donning the messy hairdo look this week. since my hair curls seems to have softened out a little, not so old colonial british look liao and i actually dun like my hair to feel like a ice stick. i guess its lucky that my hair is such that it will be the super "pong" type when i wake up but i actually much prefer it to be flatter and more manageable. in the end i just spray some Liquid Hair by wella that works both as a styling water and as treatment (i dunno how??) but it works and the ends are still soft while my fringe doesn't flop all over the place. although thats of cos not a gorgeous look, thats how japanese youths look like most of the time, messy. hah. so i actually look pretty stylish if i have messy hair but with nice makeup.

ok .. back to waiting for yaohui to come online..


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