Thursday, March 30, 2006

1028: Sing ur Way home

2nd concert clip of the SMAP concert

when they sing their hit song Sekai no hitotsu dake no Hana 世界の一つだけの花~

i have decided to take pics of evening 淀屋橋Yodoyabashi Area when i pass by. basically my walk from the office to umeda will cover Chuo Ku 中央区 of Osaka -> Kitahama北浜ー>Yodoyabashi淀屋橋ー>Umeda梅田. This area is the shenton way area of Osaka, where most businesses/banks/securities firms are located (right along the river somemore haha) and it super reminds me of Singapore river. the photos are here:
Yodoyabashi Pics
and I'll be keeping this picture set updated nightly with the pics i take during that day's walk. :) i think this is one of my fav pics today:
turmulous clouds gathering



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