Thursday, March 23, 2006

1021 buckets of tears

i realise that as i watched Pride, i cried on an average of at least once per 2 episodes. :(

i think i was in the loo when i rented the dvd and when i was supposed to be watching the episode when haru & aki did it. it was soooo sweet. but i didn't realise the damn boyfriend is Natsu until he mentioned it. (natsu is summer in jap by the way..) love triangle btw 春、秋、夏.. grrr. damn natsu!! come out and spoil the perfect couple! if i have a kid next time i am going to name him takuya or haru. hohoho! Takuya Tanaka sounds not bad hor? hehehe

had lunch with the EDB guy yesterday. all the trainees too. hmm. not very positive outlook. didn't seem to know anything. ... i shall make my own plans liao.


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