Sunday, March 05, 2006

weekend over

sianz ah.. weekend so fast over liao. caught the flu bug this weekend, spent most of yesterday and today sleeping. i actually napped from 1pm - 6pm after lunch yesterday. then woke up to have dinner and then fell asleep at midnite again. must have been pretty sick if i was that drowsy. but i didn't take any medicine... think i better take a pill later.

went back to my room to clean up abit, and there was soo much laundry accumulated from 2 weeks its unbelievable. vacuumed up a ton of dust, still have tons of dishes undone. yuck. haiz. but thats cos i havent been back for a week what.. been concentrating on my どうぶつの森 game and i guess thats going to take a while to finish. i been readingthe English version (Animal Crossing: wild World)'s FAQ and i quite gian to buy the english one too cos i would understand the contents of that at least and the jokes/puns would make sense. grrr. currently i'm playing based on word recognition, rather than really knowing what are the items i receive. or what the characters are really trying to say to me. hah.


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