Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1010-binary codes

i am so damn bored at work. because i finished my work too fast. i am not going to haolian that it's cos i'm efficient but it realli is. and because i tot the dateline was noon? so i rushed to finished b4 noon, in the course of which i used the first part of my lunch to do the work but in the end i think my boss was too busy to check the work so he still hasn't looked at it i think?

bored out of my mind and my eyes are hurting from surfing net the whole morning. tried to find sightseeing info on Okinawa but there wasn't much useful sites. the official page is quite boliao.. probably have to go kino later to buy a guidebook later. maybe window shop abit too?

cooked dinner for him yesterday. i actually left the office at 5.30pm, went to the supermarket, formulated a menu in my head and wat ingredients i needed on the train, cooked like a 2 dish meal and rice and packed them nicely in lunchboxes, took a shower, took some of the things i needed for the next few days. All this done within an hour half. very proud of myself. hehe.. considering i'm always like a snail. but in the end still had to wait for him to fetch me from the train station. tot i had told him i was leaving the house when he called? haiz dun understand why men are so dense.

aniway.. was a nice evening and we watched tv and made alot of noise laughing at idiotic couples on tv on a totaly dumb show where people came on tv with relationship problems for the tv people to help them solve. the worst one was a 26 year old woman. she said she wanted to know if her bf of 1 month was a long-term one or just being with her for fun. so the MC asked her to bring him in. and guess wat. the bf was a 16 YEAR OLD high school STUDENT!?! WTF!? how could he be thinking bout marrying her at that aGE?! it was bordering on being illegal & reminded me alot of those Japanese teacher seducing student type of AV and i was super disgusted. and she asked him on camera if he had considered the possibility of marrying her and he had a wtf look on his face and of cos he said.. no... he was damn funny actually.. he said "when u 16 i was only 5!! and in 2 or 3 years u will be 30 and we will probably not be together animore" wise words.. the woman looked devastated and i was super disgusted. YUCH!! and she was half pleading and asking "really?" and the boy was like looking at the ground and not saying anything and after the main part of the show, she stormed out and her face was all black while the boy was like erm.. got the look of scared of getting caned?! aniway.. lost my apetite after that segment of the show. and ryo kept laughing when i got all worked up from the disgustingness of this problem. hurrumph. it was really super disgusting wat..


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