Monday, February 27, 2006

wkend over 1009

jialat. this weekend went by sooo fast. i actually have trouble remembering what i did..

friday was another zobo day at the office. i think i was reading up on strategy guides and item guides for どうぶつの森 (animal Crossing: Wild World) for NDS on the PC and trying to collate charts of the characters and items. heh.. cos i didn't want to waste money buying the guidebook, no choice, have to do it the hard way. in the evening, i went to Sannomiya (near Kobe)cos he was dinner with his frens there so i tot i would shop around and wait for him. but i can't believe it, so suay, the shops chose to close at 8pm. on a FRIDAY night! i was like HUH ? so i barely browsed around for about 10 min and they had to politely ask me to leave liao. argh. so i wandered around, in CD shops, in bookstores, and had dinner myself in a porridge store to pass time and it went by so slowly. there were so many sleazy looking guys on the streets and after wandering around for bout 2+ hours, i tried to call him to ask if he was leaving liao but his stupid phone was as usual, unreachable. had this wild idea if i wandered around, i would catch him coming out of a restaurant hand in hand with another girl. ..... yah , i know la, overactive imagination.. but so coincidental, he had dinner had Asian Days.. the one Jaclyn used to eat at when she was here, at the one near Kansai Gaidai? hmm but i dunno why, after that nightmare bout a girl poking me unrelentlessly on the right side of my chest 2 weeks ago, the area where she had poked me on had hurt ever since. internally, it hurt to breathe and it hurt even more when i was pissed off. i hope its not symptoms of a pending heart attack. but on friday night, it had gotten so bad it hurt when i was not moving and i was trying to breathe less to make it less painful. maybe i have to see the doctor this week.

was supposed to wake up early on saturday but instead, we slept till 12noon? had lunch at a place that looked liked Holland V and it was actually a university area which was why the atmosphere there was seriously holland v. the eating places were cheap too and had a not bad lunch and after that his brother came to pick us up and we went to repair his car batt and replace his windshield wipers. by then.. it was already 5pm in the evening. a whole day almost gone doing nothing. .. but dunno why, i was still very lethargic also.. hung around his place until 8+, went to the game shop to sell my game, and bought 5 pieces of 250 yen second hand cds! heh.. great bargain, esp since i can just sell them back after listening to them. then had dinner at kura sushi, and before we knew it, it was 11pm and we were the last customers out of the shop. where did the time go!? .. and i didn't realise i was so tired until i just kO-ed when i went back.

sunday had to send his parents to airport, then we went to get the cheapest vacuum we could find cos the old one was no more battery liaoz. why did they choose a cordless vacuum in the first place? i dunno.. but he bought a game too, we had linner at 4+ and then stayed over at his place cos his parents were not in for the week. yay! but have to go home later to get clothes and underwear.. didn't realise i hadn't brought anything with me.. but this morning had to wake up at 5.30am with him cos he had to leave for a business trip to tokyo and catch the early. when i reached the office at 7.30am, i was the super earliest. ...


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