Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the number 1000th

yay! post number 1000! after 3 years of posting...

been slack about blogging lately, one post every 3 days.. because i had nothing to write? nah.. was just too lazy and tired.. seemed to be in a state of constant fatigue recently. always not enough sleep but i sleep at like midnite and wake up at 7 lor.. very little meh? dunno why la..

but anyway.. vday yesterday huh.. what did you do?

i didn't do anything except work. and i scheduled the makeup lesson last nite too. to keep myself from having too much time to think bout being lonely i suppose haha. but seriously i had forgotten about the day being anything special. Yaohui asked me on Monday night what i would be doing on Tuesday & i was like thinking "huh? why?" and i said "work lor is there a holiday?" then he said Tuesday was valentine's day & only then did i remember haha. oops. and then yesterday afternoon, edwin-the-winni came online and wished me happy vday and he seemed genuinely surprised no other guy had asked me out for vday since Ryo was out of the country. i was surprised that he was surprised cos such a thing had never happened b4 to me (vday with bf only usually, no other people asks me out lor!).. maybe when i go back to singapore and having LDR with Ryo, if vday i alone and edwin is alone too then we can have dinner haha. i was the first person he said happy Vday to yesterday too.. feel so honoured! heh.. thx winni!

aniway.. in the evening, went to the make up class, showed the teacher some of singapore's magazines like her world and cleo and he was trying to imitate makeup from the mags.. but aniway.. got a pic to show haha.. me after the lessons.

hehe.. very different hor? think its the eyes. the eyeliner. i cant stand putting eyeliners.. cos very difficult and when done wrongly, can look like a panda haha.. okie.. so aniway.. i did half the face myself.. not bad la hor?


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