Thursday, January 26, 2006

super suay girls

i realise a similarity in most of the AVs. the girl who gets raped once will get raped again. and again. albeit by different groups of men but she will definitely get raped at least twice. b4 finally getting some good sex at the end. ahh. the cinderella story. sufferings b4 enjoyment. hmm. perhaps they have the tragic look? and these AV ladies. they are just pleasant looking, not knockouts, with maybe a C cup, and fleshy generally , sometimes flabby. hmm... i guess if u really are a real beauty, u wouldn't be doing AVs i suppose.

today finally finished the budgeting work. WOOHOO! my sup is happy and i am happy i managed to impress him. i hope his boss is also impressed because it will really affect probably my pay scale next time. some idiot who was too dumb to read another file/understand the file almost caused me to have to redo my work. because he requested to include all those info at like 4pm, i felt really pissed off and i had to persuade my sup that it was really redundant and all it would do was to increase the file size and loading time. if u really wanted to know the details, u should read the other file. simple as that. this is just a summary document!! dumbass. luckily, my sup saw my point and he managed to persuade the boss of the guy who requested the changes that it wasn't necessary at all. phew. close shave and i really could finally consider the piece of thing finished. yay!

yay! friday tomorrow! finally dinner with Ryo and then the weekend. woohoO!


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