Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cable TV

finally set up the SkyPerfect TV tuner with minimal help from Ryo. the only thing he did was to help wrench the antenna stand to fit my balcony wall. the rest of the time he was sleeping and looking sullen when i said i wanted to try somemore. in the end, i was the one who set up the DVD recorder oso, and i spent last night figuring out how to record shows on it. one of the major problems i discovered was that it wasn't possible to record 2 diff channels at the same time slot. ... quite important that function is..

but i must say, have watched alot of interesting programs just in these 2 days. my favourite channel is discovery channel, followed by National Geographic channel then the reality TV channel. watched a program on 911 terrorism, demonic possession, the building of Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the Empress Dowager's banquets and on Reality TV channel, watched a cop show on vices in Hollywood, and caught some reruns of old movies like Hellboy and Sleepy Hollow. hee hee.. now at least i have something to look forward to when i go home (^-^)


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