Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2 more days to holidays

spoke to my sister last nite and realised we have had almost the same experiences at the ski area. the first time we got off the ski lift we both fell down.. hers being a more dangerous fall since she didnt move at all b4 falling so the next chair could have hit her.. and they even stop the lift to pull her out of the way! luckily i had Ryo to pull me along the first time i got off so that i moved a safe distance away from the ski lift b4 i sprawled into the snow.. haha..

but anyway.. the ski experience left me with 2 swollen ankles, very tight and toned calves and butt, sore shoulders and biceps.. and the desire to ski again.. i've never concentrated on anything so fully, the focus to not fall and just to keep going, and the only one word in my head was 広い8, which means wide-8 cos thats the way to stop or to brake i suppose.. but yah, towards any slope, my mind would just be filled with this word and i would be just instinctively widening the skis into as big an inverted V as i possibly can and bending my knees as low as i can to balance and not topple.. and i was so relieved at the end of the final ride that after the final steep curve, i actually managed to relax and straighten up and just ski past the people who are fallen along the way really smoothly, which led me to realise that prolly i just needed to relax and everything would be ok.. hmm..

maybe i'll try it the next time.. this has been a heck of an experience.. and i wanna learn snowboarding too!!


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