Thursday, December 15, 2005


first snow in OSAKA TODAY!!

went for dinner with Ryo (FinallY!!) & after that we hung out at starbucks becos it was sooo cold and it was raining and we just sat there chatting until 9 plus and the rain had thinned.. and we walked out to find strong winds that were blowing the rain in our faces and when the rain got onto my face, i was surprised that it didn't drip/flow off and it stayed thare as a drop of cold rain and i looked up to see white raindrops.. falling along with the wind and it dawned on me that it was SNOWING!! glorious wonderful snow!!

i was sooo happy i started screaming "Snow! SNOW!" and a few old men around me looked at me with shock haha and ryo was like amused but also complaining of the cold and i was feeling totally warm and happy to feel the snow that it just didn't feel cold anymore and i stood there for a moment, feeling the snow on my face and tongue too..sooo soo soo happy to have experienced the first snow of osakA! woohoo! i refused to get into the underpass to go to the station, not wanting to leave the rare snow here. hee hee.. but it made my heart totally warm after that.. kept smiling all the way home. hee hee..


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