Tuesday, December 06, 2005


printing and doing up christmas cards & new year cards for my colleagues and friends now. its a big thing, new year that is, and new year cards are supposed to be super important. so i have to send some to my boss too i suppose. hmm. anyway.. i bought Wallace & gromit New year card software, the bookshops come up with tons of different types of new year card design software templates and i saw this wallace & gromit one and couldn't couldn't pass it up since it was dog year next year aniway. heh.. its really cute and only when i was doing up the cards, i realised that gromit doesn't have a mouth. hmm yah i was trying to find one of it smiling but i just couldn't .. shucks. no wonder he always looks sternly at wallace. hmm but anyway i can't use this wallace & gromit one for my Big boss ..it would be a little weird and not really appropriate so i prolly should get something that looks more serious heh.


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