Wednesday, November 30, 2005

xMas songs and ZHOU JIELUN!!

I FINALLY GOT A LISTEN AT november chopin!!!! I LOVE IT!!! haiz, bu kui shi zhou jielun.. am going to buy the album straight after i get home to singapore hehe

and been getting some xmas songs cos getting into the xmas moods. everyday hear the dept stores playing the music and i realise i'm unconsciously singing/humming along to the tunes.. so decided to put some in my Ipod to listen too. heh.. and some M-Flo too. this is a Jap duo that does realli catchy remixes of other japanese singers' songs with rap and hip hop incorporated. very very upbeat esp in the mornings when i'm going to work and feeling terribly sleepy, i'll just full blast the tunes and bop along.

aniwayz. DEsperate Housewives is getting so exciting!!! finally they are getting rid of that stupid disgusting George pharmacist guy who's after Bree and who killed her husband. he really looks like a weasel.. and suddenly i can't remember the name of the hot short latin girl in the show. damn. argh! nvm but her marriage in trouble again. i cant wait for the next episode!!!


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