Thursday, November 24, 2005

back to work

terribly sleepy today.

ryo stayed up til 3 am to finish his work and he only left at that time. i went to bed at midnite, woke up every hour to see if he was sleeping yet.. but at 3 when he finally finished his work, he decided to go straight home else he had to wake up in my room at 6.30am anyway and if he went home straightaway, he could still catch an extra hour or 2 of sleep. and he had to pack for his bizness trip to Tokyo for tonight since he went straight from work and it was going to be until Saturday. argh. shucks. but anyway.. woke up feeling shitty. managed to rush washing up to catch my usual train so that i was in time to talk to the IT guy. haha..

i could be a stalker i suppose. but that would be illegal and i wouldn't be talking to that person anyway.. oh yah.. continuing the conversations saga, i found out he and his gf have been together for 4 years le (!) and this sunday is her bday. i didn't ask about that, he volunteered the info himself after asking when my bday was. and then i had to be polite and ask him when his was (21st Jan) haha.. ah well.. more and more personal info everyday.. and his car is a Honda Step Wagon (so that he can drive to snowboard cos only MPV/SUV can put the snowboard/ski container on the roof).. and he told me all about his drinking session on tues nite with his dept that lasted all the way till dawn and then the next morning he had to window shop with his gf near his house. hehehe.. this blog has almost become a gossip blog bout him liaoz. okok.. i shall stop volunteering info bout this person ..

but it really helps to have someone to talk to on IM now that i changed dept. i dont speak at all to the people beside me, cos they are guys and they can't speak english and they look like really serious people so i can't make jokes also.. and seriously its super duper lonely. i go shopping like everyday after work nowadays alone aniway.. not that i buy something everyday but just walk around looking at clothes and thinking bout my personal budget and trying out stuff myself etc without anyone to share stuff with. very sad actually. but i think i pretty much got used to it liaoz.. (see.. growth & maturity!) but of cos i do wish sometimes that i have a good fren here whom i dun need to be afraid of saying stuff behind my back or getting angry at me for every little thing. and someone i can talk to about anything and everything. haiz..

ok.. less depressing stuff.. my sup took a look at the stuff i did, the budget tables of all the titles in development in Capcom, and he was pretty impressed cos it actually picked out some mistakes in the other girl's work although of cos there were mistakes in mine, they were consistent mistakes like a wrong formula in all the same type of figures. so it didnt take me too long to change that.. but pretty cool that he's happy with me. heh.. yay friday tomorrow, then saturday again! woohoo!


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