Sunday, November 20, 2005

USJ with Jaclyn

tired to blog.. but I'll put a few picts here..


went to Universal Studios Japanw with Jaclyn .. it was soooooo fun! firstly, finally made use of my yearly pass again.. secondly, there were celebrating xmas so the whole place was sooo christmassy and happy.. and there were of cos the deco and the theme performances and thirdly, cos it was just a normal sat.. we didnt have to queue like 3 hours, at most only an hour half, we took almost all the rides and they were fantastic! and also.. my legs hurt like mad now.. from standing around for the whole day.. in the cold no less.. feel like i lost a little weight haahah .. but yah.. the whole place was playing xmas songs the whole day and being so cold it really felt like those movies u see where people in New York or wat durin the xmas season.. hee hee.. and at the end we were running around like mad women to see the fireworks and performances and to finish up the last rides as many as we can.. and then we lingered in their shops until nearly 10pm even though closing hours were 9pm. hehehehehe .. i'll really super duper miss her when she has to leave.. even though i didn't really know her when she came but i think we click so well that its going to be weird and lonely again when she's gone.. haiz.

the polaroid of us being eaten
okie.. this is actually a polaroid taken by the staff and we had to buy it but we both looked so cute heh.. acting cute there.. i had to buy it.. gave it to jaclyn as a present though.. (^-^)

see the xmas deco..

the silly moose who kept shoving me.. grr..

the shrek float in the parade with the 3 blind mice.. the dancers were really cool!

of cos there was elmo..

the spiderman ride...

twilight .. it was actually only 5pm..

a USJ paper cup.. ironically, we didn't visit the snoopy studios at all..

I'm at Sesame Street!

the gigantic xmas tree.. 5 stories high i believe.. yes.. my face is super round.. (T.T)

the Jaws ride! we screamed our lungs out hehe.. and the last ride of the day.. no queue! it was super dark and the scare of the sharks lunging at you was even greater than prolly riding it in the day

the shark has been deco-ed for xmas as well hehehehe

the night xmas show in the lagoon

fireworks.. part of the show..

yay we've been to Universal Studios!

the end..... tired but happy!


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