Tuesday, November 15, 2005

diligent update

ok today was like quite a good day at work, main reason being: I had work to do!! erh it was more of self-given work, continuing my table of all titles' under development and their budget etc.

but bad day in the sense that my eyes hurt the whole day. i think it was myself who did it. yesterday when i came back, i went to take off my contacts, and i found that my contacts case was open and there was solution inside. i couldn't remember if it was cos i forgot to empty it in the morning or was it cos i put new solution and forgot to close it. i didn't think i was so absent minded and it looked clean so i chose to believe the second reason and guess wat. this morning it kinda irritated me and i didn't think of that reason until both eyes just hurt and hurt more as the day progressed even though i went to the loo and washed the contacts several times. usually if it was just dirt that would do it, but apparently it wasn't and i realised my reasoning the night b4 were wrong and i could probably turn blind for this moment of folly. (T.T)

but luckily hongsing had a bottle of solution (for soft lens though ) but i used a little of it to sorta rub the protein residue off.. then let the lens soak in tap water for bout a minute and bingo! it totally was ok after that.. but came back and just took it off and immediately washed the lences properly and wore specs instead. it sux to can't see.

and this morning cos my eyes were so irritated, even though i saw the cute guy from IT in my train, i just was too shy and feeling too ugly to talk to him even though he was right in front of me so i just pretended i didn't see him and faced the door instead. haiz.

oh and this year the emperor's bday is on 23rd Dec, which is a friday, which is a public holiday... which means i will have a long weekend for xmas! hehe.. planning a trip to go skiing and hopefully .. my coordination is ok for that.. cos i have nv been able to do skates-related activity without being a klutz and here's my chance to do all those tricks you see in SSX! heh.. hopefully .. but i am sooo looking forward to seeing SNOW!! real SNOW!!


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