Sunday, October 30, 2005

lazy sunday

ok we made up and went out shopping yesterday.. wanted to look for a sling bag for work and also another pair of jeans since my jeans were wearing out (too thin for winter) and some tops also. so we went shopping and in the end i got a pair of Levi's with the heart shaped pockets (they were the cheapest designs in the shop!) and basically the same price as jeans with no brands in Japan also haha. ALso bought bedsheets when i saw the cute designs they had at The Loft a dept store which had like almost everything.. bought a Monopoly PC game too and it looks quite cooL! oh well great shopping trip but ay.. no bag yet. couldN't see anything i really like so probably will take a look elsewhere tomorrow. i realise that since brand name items cost the same as normal items here, might as well get the brand if i have to spend the money anyway huh. yupz. ok thinking up menu for today.. men are hard to please. (>.<)


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