Monday, October 17, 2005

Nightmares Galore

plenty of nightmares to share this week.

this morning:
fell asleep after he left this morning and got stuck in a nightmare for the short half hour. dreamt that i woke up and saw writing all over the toilet walls. scratched in.. scrawled all over the place and some in blood. i was so freaked out but couldn't wake up at all, until i forced myself to open my eyes to see that everything was still normal. it was mainly numbers, some alphabets scrawled all over, like formulas but the one figure i remembered vividly was 200. i wonder what that means.

last night:
dreamt that my whole level had filled up with occupants. in reality, only 5 of us was on the whole level of 12 rooms. when the doors opened, the rest of the rooms occupants came out. it took me awhile to realise they were all dogs. imagine humans with dog faces. argh. i was so freaked out... and then i turned to run back into my room and saw a man trying to break in.. i shouted at him and he turned to run and i dunno how i ended up being trapped in a room with gigantic fish trying to bite all of us.. ahhhhhh and i think i woke up when trying to fight the fish or something.

the night before:
u noe scenes from Kindaiichi (金田一一)where they always hang school girls or something? i dreamt of like 2 school girls in jap uniform and hanging from the ceiling and i was like staring at them and looking at them dangle with their long hair all over their face. luckily i couldn't see their eyes. i woke up with a start but too scared to open my eyes in case i saw the exact same things hanging from my ceiling.

my mind is warped i noe it. i think i need to see a doctor/psychiatrist. when i was in uni, i used to stay up all the time not because i enjoyed waking up at noon but i had to make myself so tired that i would fall asleep when i hit the pillows and not be so scared to sleep in case i have nightmares.


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