Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i hate to be touched!!!

yah .. last night's post was pretty crappy.. haha.. i was playing [We Love Katamari] on PS2 and just hurriedly penned off something..

we've bought a second hand copy of the SMAP newest CD (even 2nd hand its like almost S$50; the original price was about S$62).. its great! esp since they had performed most of the songs at the concert and i can remember their performance for most of the songs. having seen a live concert and felt the atmosphere, the CD will never sound the same again. (^-^)

i got molested by a disgusting FAtso OLD man on the train today. I feel so traumatised and violated. YuCKYUCKYUCKYUCKYUCK"!!!! i could feel his fats against me (YUCK!!!) pushing into the side of my body and i could feel his thing against my leg (YUCKYUCKYUCK!!!) and his other hand was holding his bag which he used as a cover to rest that hand on my butt (YUCKYUCKYUCK!!!!!!!) . As i was sandwiched btw this disgusting man and the back of another man, i couldn't defend myself at all. after enduring the ride for about 10 min i decided to take my hand down from the hand rail and just shoved my elbow into his tummy (regardless of whether he was uncomfortable or not) while i groped in my bag to check my phone, switch my IPoD louder etc. i think he got off at the next stop i dun care wher he goes but at least he was gone. YUCKYUCKYUCK!!! seriously i felt so disgusted and i was like thinking i need to get the feel of the person off my skin. YUCK!!!!

*sobz* .....


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