Monday, September 26, 2005


been super duper lazy in updating my blog. guess mainly cos today there was nothing on. nothing much to do. except doing and re-doing claim forms. but at least i read my progress report and it was a good comment this time. that i improved alot in my jap! hee hee .. so happy.. (^-^) but then dunno why had a headache the whole day and almost slipped and fell twice. TWICE. man.... suayz.. but luckily it was only almost.

there was a lingerie fair today at Hankyu dept store and it was quite cheap. but everything was so lacy and granny! i dun like lace!! So itchy and causes me to scratch... unsightly areas haha.. in the end i hunted for the most plain things i could find that were not granny or obiang.. which i managed to haha.. so it was quite a gd buy in the end, just not wat i had wanted at first thats all.


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