Saturday, September 17, 2005

been doing alot of thinking.

oh.. some digressing..

hawx i think u will like this site.. with blogger's new scrolling blog features, i happened on this blog in the office!!!! horrors! luckily there was no one behind me and i could remove it with a click. argh!

but anyway.. back to the thinking.

i think men are all very selfish. even if they seem nice.

is it just me? or can anyone actually blame me for feeling suspicious of his not answering his calls everytime he is out with his friends for dinner or always in a hurry to hang up if he ever answers or that he doesn't volunteer or take the initiative to call me? seriously, who wouldn't feel paranoid esp once u find out that he has lied to you before. worse still, the girl he had lied about having dinner with before was a foot masseuse and he said she did give him foot massage b4 (who in the world becomes good friends with your foot masseuse from tokyo!!!) and now everytime i'll be wondering if she is giving him a massage (EVErYWHERE on him not just feet who will believe you when u say u only having a foot massage in the hotel room!) when he says he is having dinner with friends despite male or female.



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