Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wow massive headache since yesterday.. partly due to the fact that I hit my head very hard on my samsonite while lying down (its at the end of my bed) and that the night before I hit my head on the dryer door while standing up because I had forgotten it was still open. Jialatz. I can seriously feel the effects of a slowing brain affected by all my knocks to the back of my head (where the brain is).

Watched another 2 DVDs of tru calling and a new guy turned up who had the same powers as Tru. Getting interesting but Jason Priestley (the new guy) had gotten so fat. Haha.. just me and this thing against uncool actors trying to act cool.

Fell asleep in the afternoon due to the headache and woke up in a very bad mood. The kind of nap that u wake up with a headache? I think it probably was just PMS combined with the hits on my head. And I was getting really sick of the warm weather too.

I got mad at him cos I wanted to at least go out in the evening but he just ignored me and took a nap when it was already about 5pm. So I got ready, woke him up and he was like “you can go out first if you want” and I got so pissed off that I slammed the door and went out. I had actually no destination in mind, just that I needed a bag for the long weekend trips next week and to trim my eyebrows I suppose.. so I stormed into the beautician but they told me the lady would only be free in 40 min and I was like hUH.. & was thinking it was just not my day.. went to the bookshop and got a Kanji text book and a Yokohama guidebook. Main aim was actually to go and see Chinatown but we had 3 days and I would rather plan. After that it was time for the trim and finally that guy called and asked where I was. Argh.

But the night was ok. His friend joined us for dinner and he looked happy to be able to catch up with his friend and I just sat there reading my book (the conversation was all about work and I didn't really understand what they were saying too). Went to the arcade after that but tonight was seriously bad luck. Had fun but wasted lots of money I suppose. Headache got worse and the cigarette smoke at the arcade probably did that.

But today would be better I hope.. cos it's the SMAP concert TODAY!!! Hee hee.. he left early this morning to vote so I’m blogging this time of the day (nursing my headache still boohoo)..


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