Tuesday, August 30, 2005

wah piang. one of the seller is damn slow. she cannot read my jap email due to IME problems.. its a problem on her side right? because i can read the mail both in my office and in my room. and i already deposited the money today! ARGH. Seriously irritating.

kept thinking ahead of what it would be like a month from now. besides being 23 (yay!), i'll be living in a totally different place, I'll have to think for another person, and I'll definitely have to get over the fear of being alone. will not have the convenience of my friends around me, will have to spend less on myself as well..

went to dinner at swisshotel Nankai with kana and grace and wira. i had originally intended to just go dinner with kana but she kept wanting to invite other people. to be honest i hate group outings unless its with the sixoneders or with EVERyone of the same nationality. i hate mixing different groups and i hate it when you keep inviting other people when i had expected it to be just the 2 of us. i hate it even more when u're invited by the original organiser and you take it upon yourself to invite even more people. i may be civil in public but i definitely don't want to ruin an outing I organised by having bad thoughts about someone there. or just spending the time wanting to say bad things to that person's face but can't due to public courtesy.

bah.. i'm having evil thoughts again.

sianz sianz. i hope i can go to the Amusement show in Tokyo this Friday.


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