Friday, August 26, 2005


Lost the bidding war for a set of SMAP concert tickets last night but I refuse to give up. Currently bidding and negotiating with other ticket holders to try to sell me .. but seriously the prices are ridiculously high. Last night I gave up when the price reached \50,000, but because I was pissed off at the people who could afford the tix, decided to jack it up until \60,000. It was a shock to me when I became the highest bidder at \60,000 for about 2 minutes and no one topped me. I didn’t want to pay that price for 2 tickets! Was panicking when of cos some idiot topped me and I heaved a sigh of relief and decided not to join in the price war. Even after that, the price kept going up and that bid ended at \85,000. …. That’s like almost S$1,000 for a freaking pair of tickets. !! (T.T)

And Jaclyn (sister’s fren) went to the concert last nite and she stayed overnite in my room and told me all about the concert. She bought me kimutaku concert souvenirs and he was so delicious. ARGH!! And then she told me she was going again on Sep 11th. !!! “#$%&U  ARGHHH ..  want to kill myself for not having joined the fan club when I was in Tokyo so that I could ballot for the tickets ( I prolly would have gotten the tickets too) ARGH!! The next time I’m in Tokyo I’m going to join so that I can go to the next concert. Yes, even if I’m in Singapore, I’ll fly to watch the concert. ARGH!!!!!!!


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