Friday, August 19, 2005

i see his mails in the morning when i wake up and i get perked up with the thought of him still awake (the email was sent 44 min ago from the time i read it) and i send back a reply hoping that he might still be awake to see it. its difficult being in 2 time zones, thankfully we are not those long-distance couples in totally different time zones and this is just until next Friday. i can't wait.. i can't wait! i miss just seeing his face or feeling his presence behind me in the office even though we don't talk much here. i just can't get angry at him when i see his face, i just want to smile and make him feel happy too after his day of hard work (don't you think a guy would be seriously pissed off to come home when he's all tired, to a wife who keeps complaining about every single thing, nagging and showing a black face?)

no one gave me any help on the marriage reason thing except yaohui :( but thank you yaohui.. yah i think the same way as you.. idealistic too.. i should just be firm about my beliefs and not let others sway me right?

life map sorta decided.. marry, have a career while enjoying yuppie couplehood lifestyle for a few years.. enjoy financial freedom and save up so that can have kids in the future with no financial worries (i am still young!) and then maybe have kids when i'm 27/28 and then live happily ever after. i'm not only going to marry only when I want kids, there's no chance of enjoying married life if kids come in immediately. and if i only marry when i want kids, i will have no independence from my parents until then!! i'll die before i get married probably. haha..


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